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The Benefits of Hot Oil Hair Treatments

Hot Oil Treatments are the perfect hair conditioner, it will help make your hair as soft and healthy as you can ever remember, and can be used as a regular treatment to keep your hair looking fresh and clean. Hot Oil Treatments are available at most hair salons, and many customers swear by them. However, you can use homemade hot oil treatments in under 20 minutes, for a considerably cheaper price! This way you can be certain the quality of oil you are putting on your hair is good.

Best Benefits from Hot Oil Hair Treatments:

  • Strengthens hair and prevents breakage.
  • Condition’s dry hair with intense moisturizing treatment.
  • Repair’s heat damaged, color damaged or bleached hair.
  • Help’s repair and protect against split-ends.
  • Considerably improve’s dry scalp and dandruff.
  • Smooths frizzy hair.

Choosing the oils

For homemade Hot Oil Treatments you can use pretty much any oil you prefer, if you want to stick to what you know, using a high quality extra virgin olive oil would be fine. However, certain oils work better than others for your specific needs. In general, any type of oil is better than no oil but here’s a few with their benefits

  1. Coconut Oil – The best oil type to use for all types of hair, Beautifully shiny and incredibly soft, and works particularly well with dry scalp and dandruff.
  2. Jojoba Oil – Perfect for people with who have naturally oily hair (yes hot oil treatments work well with oily hair too!). Jojoba Oil shares strong similarities with our natural skin and hair oils, after treatment it will leave your hair light and soft and won’t weight your hair down.
  3. Avocado Oil – Very intense moisturizing oil ideal for very dry, frizzy hair, and works well with dandruff and dry scalp.
  4. Sesame Oil – Works well for any hair type, helps repair your hair and add shine. Sesame Oil has been tested on thinning hair and has been proven to successfully help hair loss!
  5. Castor Oil – Great option for oily hair types, as Castor Oil contains some drying property’s. Strengthens hair considerably and prevents breakage.


How to perform a Hot Oil Hair Treatment at home

  1. Choose the type of oil you will be using – (I always use Coconut Oil, as it’s my personal favorite. Be aware that Coconut Oil is solid at room temperature. This is no problem as all oils need to be heated.
  2. Wash your hair – (I tend to wash my hair immediately before a Hot Oil Treatment, I do this to make sure my hair doesn’t have any product residue in it, also to be certain your hair is clean for an improved treatment.
  3. Heat your oil – (You will need around 2-3 tablespoons of oil in a small microwave container, lessen the amount if you don’t have particularly long hair. Heat the oil in the microwave for around 30 seconds, or until hot. If the oil is hot, please make sure to let it cool slightly before you apply it to your hair!
  4. Wet your hair – (If you decided against washing your hair, you at least need to make sure that it’s damp, but not soaking)
  5. Massage the hot oil into your hair – (Dip your fingertips into the hot oil treatment and gently massage the oil into your scalp, working from roots to ends.
  6. Cover and heat – (After applying the oil to your hair, you need to cover it, I have used thin towels and plastic bags! For fantastic results grab your hairdryer and one of your old running shoes, yes, running shoes. Place the hairdryer on a side or counter inside the running shoes to direct the hairdryer and your hair whilst you sit down)
  7. Wait 15-20 minutes – (Relax and sit down so the hairdryer is pointing at your head for about 20 minutes, however you can leave it longer if you wish but be sure to make sure your head isn’t getting too hot and uncomfortable.
  8. Wash & rinse hair thoroughly – (Use a natural, gentle, or everyday shampoo to clean your hair, and your favorite conditioner afterwards. Please make sure all the oil has been washed out of your hair before conditioning.
  9. Repeat every month – (To keep your hair in healthy shape, it’s worth repeating this treatment on a monthly basis. 12 times of 20 minutes to keep your hair perfect all year round!)

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Recommended Products:

I have used all of the below oils for Hot Oil Treatments, I have made sure to select the best quality organic and unrefined oils for the greatest results! The products I’ve selected are also good value for money.

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